Recent KSI Initiatives


By Rachel VanScoy, Assistant Director of Sport Safety Policies

The Korey Stringer Institute (KSI) is keeping busy this summer. Here is a look into what we are up to:

  • On June 22nd, the NATA and KSI publically launched the Athletic Training Location and Services (ATLAS) database. This is an interactive map allowing athletic trainers’ to view their service location and coverage. For more information and to include/confirm your high schools information visit the KSI
  • KSI recently announced our online course on Preventing Sudden Death in Sports and Physical Activity through Jones & Bartlett Learning. For any Athletic Trainer looking to complete their Evidence-Based Practice CEUS or just looking to learn more about the preventing sudden deaths in sport then check out this course!
  • Andrea Fortunati, Assistant Director of Elite Athlete Health and Performance, continues to work with UCONN Men’s Soccer team as preseason is fast approaching.
  • Yuri Hosokawa, Director of Communication and Education, and Rachel Katch, Assistant Director of Research, will be running a study at the Falmouth Road Race August 16th, 2015. This will be the 3rd consecutive year that KSI will conduct research at this amazing race. The race consists of 7 miles and roughly 12,000 runners along the Falmouth, MA shoreline.
  • William Adams, Director of Sports Safety Policies, is running a study examining non-invasive biomarkers to assess physiological changes during and after exercise in the heat.
  • Yuri Hosokawa and Luke Belval, Director of Military and Occupational Safety are investigating the use of temperature monitoring devices and thermal imaging, and the use of two cooling methods to optimize the early recognition and management of Exertional Heat Illness.
  • Samantha Scarneo, Director of Youth Sports Safety is leading a study following concussion throughout the fall season within collegiate club and varsity athletes.
  • The Korey Stringer Institute is also testing athletic clothing to investigate efficacy and performance benefits of various fabrics in a hot environment.


Stay tuned for updates and publications on all of our initiatives!