Heat Illnesses

What are heat illnesses?

Heat illnesses are a spectrum of illnesses that occur due to heat exposure. This heat exposure can come from either environmental heat (air temperature) or simply intense exercise. These conditions can range from minor heat cramps to life-threatening heat stroke.  Contrary to popular belief, heat illnesses do not exist on a continuum. You do not need to have heat cramps or syncope before you have heat exhaustion. As with all emergency conditions, there are steps that you can take to prevent heat illnesses, such as proper hydration, heat acclimatization or body cooling.   The key determinant for good prognosis following a heat illness is rapid recognition and treatment. In the case of exertional heat stroke, delay in treatment nearly always leads to long term complications or death. As the preeminent resource on heat illnesses, the Korey Stringer Institute provides the most up-to-date and evidence based information relating to the prevention, recognition and treatment.

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