Recruitment for On-Going Research Studies

Recruitment for On-Going Research Studies at Korey Stringer Institute


    Female Occupational Heat Vulnerability Qualitative Study

    The Korey Stringer Institute is seeking female workers to participate in a research study to identify sex and racial disparities in heat-related health while working in the heat. The time commitment will be 1-1.5 hours and participants will be compensated ($150 upon completion).

    Females are eligible to participate if you meet the following criteria:

    • Female over the age of 18
    • Working in an occupation that performs physically demanding work
    • Required to perform physical exertion in the heat for a significant portion of their job
    • Can speak English fluently
    • Has access to a phone or computer for the interview

    We are asking women who meet the criteria above to participate in a one-hour interview conducted over the phone or virtual WebEx platform. If qualified and decide to participate, participation in this study is completely voluntary.

    Please fill out this screening questionnaire so we can ensure you are eligible (if interested) :

    Please contact with any inquires.




    The effect of AMP HUMAN sodium bicarbonate lotion on performance and recovery from exertional heat stress

    VOLUNTEER STUDY PARTICIPANTS WANTED for a paid research study being completed by the Korey Stringer Institute at the University of Connecticut.

    Primary Study Purpose: To investigate the dose-dependent influence of a commercially available sodium bicarbonate lotion (AMP Human PR Lotion; on measurements of hydration (i.e., urine and blood samples), fluid regulation, cardiovascular function, cognition, and stress biomarkers with or without fluid consumption during exposure to heat stress.

    Secondary Study Purpose: To evaluate the efficacy of a disposable biosensor (Nix, Inc. Biosensor; on measurements of hydration (i.e., urine and blood samples), fluid regulation, cognition, and sweat kinetics with or without fluid consumption during exposure to heat stress.

    Tertiary Study Purpose: To measure the differences in improvement regarding hydration (i.e., urine and blood samples), stress, fatigue, balance, and musculoskeletal strength and endurance with the implementation of an amino-acid beverage focused rehydration protocol after the completion of exercise performed in the heat.

    Eligibility Requirements:

    • Healthy males between the ages of 18 – 45 years old
    • Recreationally active individuals (confirmed with VO2max minimum of 45 ml/kg/min) with no prior history of adverse reactions to the heat
    • Body Mass Index of ≤28
    • Must be comfortable with the completion of multiple blood draws

    Participants should expect to complete approximately 31 hours of data collection over 16 separate visits with tasks that will be completed both within the laboratory and at home. This study was approved by UConn IRB, Protocol #21-0054 under the advisement of Principal Investigator Dr. Douglas Casa.

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    ELITE “Exercise at the Limit – Inherited Traits of Endurance” Study (this study is not affiliated with KSI)

    Location: Stanford University

    Study Purpose: To investigate the genetics underlying top endurance performance

    Population of interest: elite athletes as indicated by VO2max levels of 65+ for males and 55+ for females

    Study Website:

    Study Contact Email: