Raise Your Rank Campaign

What is raise your rank?

Given that each state determines the health and safety policies for their high schools, Raise Your Rank aims to improve the number of mandated best practice polices within each state to ultimately decrease the number of catastrophic sport injuries.

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Targeting the causes of athlete death?

Raise Your Rank 90 Percent

Over 90% of sport related deaths are due to 4 causes: cardiac arrest, exertional heat stroke, traumatic brain injuries, and exertional sickling; but simple, cost-effective strategies can prevent nearly all deaths!

Current mandated safety standards

Currently, no state meets 100% of minimum best practice standards! Based on research published by the Korey Stringer Institute in 2017, which compared best-practice policy recommendations for catastrophic injuries in sport and mandated state policies, states mandate anywhere between 20-70% of the best practice policies for the top causes of sport related death.

The Goal & Timing

The goal of the Raise Your Rank campaign is to raise funds to host meetings with representatives from states (both medical & executive directors), in order to:

  1. Improve best-practice policy mandates by state high school athletic associations which ultimately improve the health & safety of athletes.
  2. Increase implementation of these mandates locally within schools, to ensure potentially catastrophic events are mitigated.

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We are working to raise $1 million by 2021


If you are a state leader (medical or state high school association) and are interested in hosting a meeting, find more information about the state meetings and the application at the link below.


Raise Your Rank Information and Application


If you are interested in donating to the Raise Your Rank Campaign, please follow the link below.

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