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Last Update: August 15, 2018

State Old Rank New Rank Old Points New Points Change Score Areas Changed 
Florida  23 5 48.25 62.45 14.2 Emergency Preparedness

  • 1. Every school or organization that sponsors athletics should develop an EAP specifically for managing serious and/or potentially life-threatening sport-related injuries (athletics emergency action plan AEAP)
  • 2. The AEAP should be developed and coordinated with local EMS, school public safety officials, on site medical personnel or school medical staff, and school administrators
  • 3. Every school should distribute the AEAP to all athletics staff members
  • 4. The AEAP should be specific to each venue (including maps, directions, etc.)
  • 5. On-site emergency equipment that may be needed in an emergency situation should be listed
  • 6. The AEAP should identify personnel and their responsibilities to carry out the plan of action with a designated chain of command
  • 7. Appropriate contact information for EMS
  • 9. AEAP should be reviewed and rehearsed annually by all parties involved
  • 10. Healthcare professionals who will provide medical coverage during games, practices, or other events should be included
  • Coaching education required as part of coaching certification on topics relating to preventing sudden death in sport

Heat Acclimitization

  • 3. On days 1-5, 1-hour maximum walk-through is permitted, however there must be a 3 hour minimum between practice and walk-through (or vice versa)
  • 5. Day 6–14, double-practice days must be followed by a single-practice day. On single-practice days, 1 walk-through is permitted, separated from the practice by at least 3 hours of continuous rest. When a double-practice day is followed by a rest day, another double practice day is permitted after the rest day.
  • 7. On a double-practice day, the 2 practices should be separated by at least 3 continuous hours in a cool environment.
South Carolina 40 36 39.8 44.175 4.375 Emergency Preparedness

CPR/AED and First Aid training required for all coaches



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